Monday, February 02, 2004

Blair Fears Being Hung Out to Dry by Bush Over WMD: "Close associates of Tony Blair fear that the Prime Minister is on the point of being hung out to dry by President George Bush over the issue of whether Iraq held weapons of mass destruction when Britain and the US went to war last March."

"The changing message from Washington comes as Downing Street advisers are still recovering from their astonishment at public reaction to last week's Hutton report into the suicide of the weapons expert David Kelly. Instead of seeing the report as proof that Mr Blair believed in the existence of Iraq's illegal weaponry when the took the country to war, the public - according to early opinion polls - thinks that the BBC has been unfairly traduced for trying to uncover the truth behind the decision to go to war."

ha ha ha ha! What a piece of work this Blair is. I doubt that Bush or anyone else would care much about the tattered remnants of Blair's credibility. Might as well rip it away now as any time.

It was a heck of a lie, this WMDs thing, and Blair cannot either live it down or distance himself from it. If he had more chutzpah then he does he would have 'fessed up some time back.

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