Monday, February 02, 2004

Kay Questions U.S. Pre-Emptive Strike Doctrine: "Bush based his decision to invade Iraq on what he called a 'grave and gathering danger' posed by Iraq's biological and chemical weapons and warranted assertion of his post-Sept. 11, 2001, doctrine of pre-emptive military action to guard U.S. security in the face of new terror threats. 'If you cannot rely on good, accurate intelligence that is credible to the American people and to others abroad, you certainly can't have a policy of preemption,' Kay said on Fox News Sunday.

"'Pristine intelligence -- good, accurate intelligence -- is a fundamental benchstone of any sort of policy of preemption to even be thought about.' Kay, who resigned last week, concluded Iraq had no stockpiles of biological or chemical weapons, and the White House has said it will review its prewar intelligence."

Kay's very public criticism of the intelligence failure and the Bush doctrine itself is remarkable as he was the hand-picked expert to look for WMDs after the US refused to allow the UN and Hans Blix back into Iraq to continue the search.

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