Thursday, March 27, 2003

UN big four baulk at renewing oil for food - War on Iraq
'Diplomats say the four nations [France, Germany, Russia, China], joined by Syria, are wary of taking any action that might be seen as offering even implicit UN support for a conflict... Russia, France and Germany say that since the US and Britain started the war without Security Council authorisation, they should help the Iraqi population victimised by the conflict.'

'An even nastier Security Council battle is looming, State Department officials say, over the Bush Administration's plans to impose military rule over Iraq immediately after Saddam is toppled, followed by a civilian administrator before transition to an Iraqi interim government. The US may seek Security Council endorsement for the plan to give it added legitimacy. French President Jacques Chirac declared last week he would not agree to any plan that authorised military intervention and gave the US and Britain administrative powers.'

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