Monday, March 31, 2003

German military historians predict Anglo-American defeat in Iraq (via DY)
'Never in the history of war have such formidable cities as Baghdad been conquered militarily by an invading army. The single exception may be the recent Russian siege of Grozny (400,000 inhabitants), but the focused brutality of its assault may not be easily replicated on Baghdad's 5 million inhabitants under the eyes of a watchful and angry planet. Indeed, the invaders have but two choices: to incinerate the city or to starve it.'

'Dr. Messerschmidt's considered opinion is that a defeat of the Anglo-American forces is very probable. If Saddam Hussein's regime can manage to stay in power, the conquest of Baghdad is impossible, unless the two allies raze and burn the city to the ground.'

'German military historians, such as Dr. Messerschmidt, are convinced that if the British and the Americans manage to conquer Baghdad, this feat would be a first in the history of humanity for a city of this size... Another military historian, Dr. Bernhard Kroener of the University of Potsdam, is convinced that "If resistance occurs, a major city cannot be conquered... Anyone, who is not a complete idiot, will try to prevent this. It is impossible to win," says Kroener. If the allied invasion army means to seal off the entire city, it will need far more troops than it has now and had better count on a siege duration of a month or even a year.'

'[Retired Brigadier] Hauff agrees with German military historians. "To conquer Baghdad through military means is impossible. There will be a year-long, house-to-house fighting in the streets, a real mini-terror war."'

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