Monday, March 31, 2003

Bagdad market bomb was probably American
Robert Fisk has found and examined a piece of the bomb which shows what is probably the manufacturer's serial number of the device, which he quotes, challenging others to investigate the origin of the bomb. It is standard practice when bad news hits for UKUSA to immediately issue disinformation which can be prominently run through the compliant media, eg, it was an Iraqi bomb, an Iraqi missile which fell to earth, a deliberate stunt by the Iraqis, etc etc, anything that could be remotely plausible and which could be offered as a 'possible' explanation of the unfortunate incident. By the time more information is available the incident will hopefully be in the past and forgotten. In this way propaganda continues to deceive the Western audience, but at the same time the credibility of the military is eroded. Basically nothing that is said from the official sources could be believed without independent confirmation. Or, as is often said, the first casualty of war is truth. It doesnt matter what side, what war, what is happening, what the truth is, whether you are actually winning or losing: the message from the military is always the same and must always be distrusted: we are winning, things are going to plan, the enemy is being defeated, victory is nigh, mistakes and atrocities were not made by us, only by the enemy, etc etc.

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