Monday, June 05, 2006

Transport efficiency: "The Russians finished electrifying the Trans-Siberian Railroad, from Moscow to the Pacific, in 2002 and electrified to the Arctic Ocean port of Murmansk several months ago. Almost all of Japan and the continental European Union (EU) have already electrified their railroads – so there are no technical limitations. Electric railroads are cheaper to operate and can carry more freight because they accelerate and brake faster (and can generate electricity while braking, saving energy) and have no delays for refueling.... railroads are 8 times more energy efficient than heavy trucks and also are more labor-efficient."

If this is the case then how did the inefficient transport system get off the ground in the first place? What kind of broken politico-economic system really is capitalism? It can be noted that years and decades of 'microeconomic' 'neoliberal' 'trade' and 'market' reforms don't appear to have done anything to address the problem.

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