Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nuclear Power is Dead: "Last year's energy bill provided some pretty eye-popping incentives designed to make nuclear energy competitive including 80 percent loan guarantees, $2 billion of public insurance against legal or regulatory delays, an additional 1.8 cent/kWh in operating subsidies, payment for late acceptance for hazardous waste, capping liability for mishaps, free offsite security and another $1.3 billion tax break for decommissioning funds. Under that bill all risk is absorbed by tax payers and the promoters don’t even have to invest very much of their own money. With all this going for nuclear power plants, you would think that nuclear energy would be a market winner."

That would be the 'level playing field' 'free market' 'competitive system.' Without corporate welfare, nuclear power cannot survive. Its promoters are corporate tools. In one of the links to this article, it is shown that windpower is cheaper than gas-fuelled power.

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