Monday, March 13, 2006

Hawks Prevail In Preventing U.S. Troop Withdrawal: "We may never know who blew up the shrine and, with it, the prospects for troop withdrawals. It is assumed that the villains were either deranged Sunnis acting on their own, or al-Zarqawi cadres intent on civil war.

"There is another perspective for close observers of dirty wars, the possibility that the bombing was planned and handled by elements of Western counter-terrorism forces. Similar tactics were employed by British agents during the long conflict in Northern Ireland, and heavily-armed British commandos disguised as Arabs were captured in Basra just last year. One of the oldest imperial strategems is to divide and conquer, incite sectarian divisions, and justify military occupation to keep the natives from killing each other. This is precisely the justification for continued war that is heard from those who have admitted the original invasion was a “mistake.”"

Ever since the invasion of 2003 Iraq has been plagued by a devastating series of car and truck bombs, in a country which had not had a single car bombing in its history. Who on earth has been doing this and who is the beneficiary?

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