Thursday, November 10, 2005

Terror laws seek to silence dissent: "Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today told a peace and civil liberties rally in Sydney that the Government's new terror laws seek to silence dissent and opposition to Australia's involvement in the war in Iraq.

"'We will not accept these laws. We will not be intimidated, Senator Nettle said. 'We will not let the threat of seven years jail stop us from opposing the war in Iraq. 'We will not let terrorism laws prevent us from engaging in protest. They can deport us or detain us like they did to Scott Parkin but we will continue to oppose their war and we will continue to oppose their terrorism laws.

"'This government is more concerned about using the fear of terrorism for political ends than addressing the real root causes of terrorism. If the Government was serious about addressing the threat of terrorism they would bring Australia's troops home from Iraq and urge the Americans to leave as well.

"'Mr Howard and Mr Beazley have betrayed Australians by their scaremongering and fear rather than standing up to defend the great principles this country was built on. 'The Greens will continue to lead the campaign to defend our civil liberties, our democracy and the freedoms we enjoy in Australia by opposing the Government's new terror laws,' Senator Nettle said. "

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