Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chile's Bachelet says greens back her energy plan: "Leading presidential contender Michelle Bachelet ... pledged to make 15 percent of the country's energy come from renewable resources by 2010."

What, apart from useless mainstream political parties, is to stop Australia from reaching such a target also?

""But clearly we also need to develop the traditional energy forms," she said at a breakfast with foreign correspondents two weeks before elections on Dec. 11. "Chile has an enormous number of river basins, but we have to define which ones we will flood to produce the energy we need, and which ones we will preserve.""

""What I'm proposing is a an environment minister and a superintendency for environmental monitoring, with a budget to do it with," she said.... Bachelet said her government would work with environmentalists to develop small wind and solar energy projects in different parts of the country. "During my government I'm not going to develop nuclear energy," she said."


Big Gav said...

Good question - we're better placed than Chile to exploit renewables.

Of course, unlike Chile, we have a lot of coal mining and uranium mining companies to keep happy, which makes it a bit difficult for spineless politicans likes Howard and Beazley to do the right thing...

Anonymous said...

I think Bachelet is an iron lady.