Saturday, April 30, 2005

Finkelstein 'Ambushes' Alan Dershowitz: "The brazenness! But it's not just brazenness, it's brazenness because they think they're teflon. He figures that with his credential, and the fact that everybody's terrified of answering him back, he thinks he can get away with anything. Yes, there's a certain amount of brazenness, there's a large amount of arrogance. But there's also a desperation, because he has to invent things. He has to fabricate because the reality is so completely at odds with his claims to being just. The reality is so overwhelmingly on the side of those who are looking for a decent resolution of the conflict. We have the information, we have truth, we can win. I am absolutely certain of that."

Finkelstein argues in relation to Dershowitz's 'book' "The Case for Israel" that 1. the book is plaigiarised from Joan Peters, another hoax and piece of rubbish that was previously exposed by Finkelstein; 2. Dershowitz didn't actually write his 'book'; 3. Dershowitz hasn't even read his own 'book'.

Amazing stuff. One day the US propaganda system will come down, hard and fast.

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