Friday, April 29, 2005

Far-right group muscles onto peak oil issue: "I went up to Nick Griffin [British National Party leader], confirmed his identity and then asked why he was here amongst all these left-wingers. His measured answer was that though Peak Oil received minimal coverage in their manifesto, they see it as a long-term issue which may well make its way up to the top of their policy list. What an irony, I thought to myself. Not even the Green Party in Britain has put Peak Oil on their election agenda, but the far right BNP may beat them to it."

We have already seen how the governments of Bush, Blair and Howard have responded to the energy crisis by a distinct drift to proto-fascist policies, including international lawlessness, aggressive warfare, internal repression, torture, concentration camps and racial vilification. There can hardly be any doubt that preserving the values of liberal and social democracy will be as big a challenge as the transition itself to a sustainable economy using renewable energy.

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BNP member said...

I would disagree. Adolf Hitler (and his merry men) would not have liked the idea of 'peak oil'. Fascists, like Liberals and Marxists, are ALL under the assumption that a society of endless growth and 'progress' can be achieved. Under peak oil theory this is obviously incorrect.

What the BNP are/will be proposing will be non-liberal, non-marxist POST-fascist. The present fascists, harking back to a former age, will not like the BNP's new stance on society, and will oppose them.

Leaving aside the Race issue, there are now only two types of people in this world; those who understand peak oil; and those who do not. All ideologies prior to peak oil are redundant, and there is thus no reason to continue to follow them.

The BNP were the first political party in Britain to even mention peak oil in their manifesto (general election 2005). The FN in France looks likely to follow suit.