Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Fossilpower: 25 trillion dollars.

This is the estimated value of the fossil fuel industry, according to Mulga Mumblebrain.

The fossilpower deserves to be compared to the slavepower in the ante-bellum US, or the landpower in Georgist theory, or the moneypower in the context of monetary reform. It's a huge vested interest which generates propaganda and deluded followers in equal measure, and which will use any tactic - including violence and war - to prevent serious discussion of the issue, and the inevitable reform which by definition eliminates its value.

The fossil fuel industry simply has to be shut down - and replaced with renewables where possible but shut down in any case. The carbon tax (or better, the carbon fee and dividend) would be a smooth and efficient way to achieve this, but if that is not possible because of corrupted politics and media, then direct action might be necessary.

It's just good luck that concentrated solar electric power can now be produced at an estimated 20c kw/h, and expected to fall with deployment close to the current market price of electricity of 16c kw/h.

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