Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Australia passes carbon tax

Australia passes carbon tax:

Australia's carbon tax has been passed by the Senate. Be entertained as Piers Akerman goes barking mad:

This is the day the Western tradition of science-backed advancement of the human condition was rejected in favour of paganism. ...

We are witnessing the beginning of the end game for Australia as we know it. ...

The rest of the globe's population is wondering why we ever permitted ourselves to be lied and deceived back into the Dark Ages.

Oddly enough, despite Australia's return to the Dark Ages, New Limited's server was still able to serve up Akerman's rant.

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The comments on the bizarre Akerman piece are also something to behold. Surely this is the beginning of a brownshirt type group: corporate/ fossilpower stormtroopers to fight the threat climate action poses against the billions, hundreds of billions, possibly trillions of dollars of fossil profits in the few decades remaining before it is shut down for good. I've no idea what ASIO people do, but if Gillard has any sense and especially after Brevik's Battle someone should be monitoring this closely for death and bomb threats etc. Who are these deluded whackjobs and what are their connections/ interrelations?

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