Saturday, August 29, 2009

Letting out your Inner Nazi

Govt urges Turnbull to reject torture

A political row has erupted after a federal Liberal backbencher said there was a place for torture so long as it was done "in an appropriate way".

Mr Johnson gained some support from former opposition leader Brendan Nelson, who said it depended on how torture was defined.

Nelson is, by the way, described as a moderate and a "nice guy" in the Liberal party. One wonders what the mean people think.

Nazism could be boiled down to about 4 main elements: Dictatorship, militarism, racism and torture (ie, reversing the gains of the Enlightenment and re-introducing torture as a piece of the regular Government machinery.)

If senior members of the 'Liberal' party are prepared volunteer their support of torture, one wonders how many believe in it but are too cautious to publicly say?

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