Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ruddspeak: War Escalation is 'Exit Strategy'


A 50per cent increase in troop numbers in Afghanistan will help Australia get out of the war-torn country more quickly, Prime Minster Kevin Rudd says.... The extra soldiers would take Australia closer to its exit strategy building Afghan security forces until they are able to provide their own security but Mr Rudd could not say when troops would come home.

Appalling doublespeak from Rudd. Like Obama, it is possible Rudd believes the delusion about Afghanistan being 'the good war'. Perhaps he thinks now that the Russian invasion was also a 'good war'?

Even Hugh White, usually a reliable supporter of Imperial policy, is now openly calling the Afghan war "an unwinnable and an unnecessary and an unpopular war", and pointing out that the increased troop levels "in terms of the impact it'll make on the ground, in Oruzgan Province, in and around Tarin Kowt, and in terms of the difference it'll make to the broader situation in Afghanistan, I don't think it counts for much. I think the chance of this making any real difference to the situation there is pretty low"

According to White this obviously futile effort, that "is being lost", is being done for "political strategy". Bearing in mind that this is a real war, where real people are being killed, both Australian soldiers and Afghanis, to knowingly wage an unwinnable war for "political" reasons can only be described as despicable behaviour. Human lives obviously dont count for much in political calculations.

All Australian troops (in fact all Whitepower troops) should leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. And a law should be passed banning the deployment of Australian forces anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. We have since Gallipoli in 1915 long since forfeited any credibility and have shown ourselves time and time again to be merely and appendage of Anglo-Saxon empire.

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