Friday, September 28, 2007

Poets Offer Advice to Howard

Sums it up well enough:

He could take it on the chin
or learn to speak Mandarin
Howard's popularity would be a ripper
if he hung out with a stripper.

(The Bard?)

You'll win with your last roll of the dice
If you follow these words of advice
First, call the election late in the year
When we all feel that ol' yuletide cheer
(Menzies did and it worked quite a treat
A way to avoid a nasty defeat)
Ask for help from Bishop and Brough
And tell Downer he's talked quite enough.
Spend more in every single marginal electorate
And thank God there's no fair spending inspectorate
Remind the voters of Rudd's inexperience
And of the union bosses' interference.
Lastly pray for a terror alert
To a threat only you can avert.

(Rob Ashton)

John Howard could still win the race,
And see Kevin Rudd sink without trace
By appealing to all
That is petty, dumb, small
Racist, crass, greedy and base.

(Mark Demetrius)

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