Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Helioleftism: Conservative bloggers denounce Heliocentrism as leftist/liberal plot

Blogs 4 Brownback: In the Republican candidate presidential debates not long ago, 3 out of 10 candidates, including Senator Sam Brownback, put up their hands and said they did not believe in evolution. More than 50% of Americans also do not believe. It's amazing how backward, ignorant and superstitious that country is. Of course it is in the interests of the ruling elite to keep them ignorant, and keep getting them out to vote for right-wing candidates that are drifting towards pseudo-fascism. Get a load of these comments:

What’s truly astounding is the ridiculous self-contradictory nonsense that NASA tries to foist on a gullible public. They say that space is a vacuum, and that they’ve actually been to outer space, but everybody knows that people explode when they’re placed in a vacuum.

So where are the exploding astronauts? Huh? Where are they?

Jesus does not look kindly upon fibbers, and those NASA people are going to have some explaining to do when the rapture comes....

The Helioleftists are so blinded by their own hatred of Jesus and America that it is impossible to reason with them. Just try casually mentioning the possibility that the earth may be stationary and the heathens will start calling you all sorts of nasty names - anything to distract from the fact that their argument is not based on logic or reasoning, but instead the result of blind faith from the brainwashing they received in our communist public school system.

Someone valiantly tries to refute these ideas but somehow I suspect the effort could be futile:

You are all so stupid that I’m losing faith in humanity as we speak.

The Earth is not flat. In fact, if you had a clue, you’d realize the Flat Earth Society is a JOKE website. The Earth is round. Believe me I take pictures of it with the satellite I’m paid to monitor every single day. Yes, a real satellite that is actually IN space. Believe it you tin-foil hat wearing retards.

The Earth does revolve around the sun. Copernicus was right. You are a moron. Just because you can’t possibly comprehend how to scientifically use your brains to uncover facts about our universe that are previously unknown doesn’t mean you should dog on the guy that put in all the hard work to figure it out.

Astronauts don’t explode in space because of a little thing called PRESSURIZED ENVIRONMENTS. A pressurized environment mimics the AIR PRESSURE that we experience down on Earth. If you paid attention in 7th grade science class and were not living in la-la land, you would know this.

I’m a Christian, and I’m pretty sure Jesus loves everyone, even you. You’re lucky in this regard, because you’re pretty much pissing everyone off who God blessed with a completely functional brain. I’m sorry about your lack of intellect and your amazing ability to get wrapped up in anything that anyone posts online says, but you should all consider martyrdom for the sake of the herd to become stronger. Just look at those fun people at the Heaven’s Gate, they really helped out society, just as I have faith that you will too.

Brownback supporters fight back with what I have to admit is one of the more innovative arguments against global warming:

Once you start tugging, the whole rotten edifice of “science” comes crashing down. The periodic table, for example, is obviously satanist.

And if there’s no globe, there’s no global warming!

Evil is simply self-serving lies, to justify violence, crimes and injustice; and to persuade or dull people into submission. In the war of ideas, the fight for truth and justice, I believe firmly that all citizens must engage, including scientists, and relentlessly refute the lies and make the argument for truth, with patience, logic and evidence. As Chomsky said, the responsibility of intellectuals (and citizens) is clear: to speak the truth and to expose lies. Thus the following is a kind of modern day hero. But even Chomsky would have got fed up with this, decades ago:

You have doubts because you are ignorant. That is not an insult; I am not calling you dumb, just very poorly educated. The “logical arguments” that you use to develop your model of the universe are flawed.

For example: you posted that if the earth is round then things will slide off the top of it. The problem with that is that if the earth is round there is no top! In fact the sand falling off a beach ball can be used to prove that there is gravity, and that it does indeed point towards the mass center of a round earth. You can do the experiment yourself, if you don’t trust anyone else. Just record very accurately which way sand falls, move a few hundred miles in any direction and test it again. Repeat as often as you want. You will see that the direction that the sand falls at each location is directly toward a point, locating the mass center of the earth. If the earth was flat the results of the test would result in the problems for a flat earth that you state for a round earth! As you moved farther away from the direction that the sand falls you would be pulled at steeper and steeper angles relative to the surface of a flat earth. But for a round earth you are simple pulled toward the center, and the surface is on average perpendicular to the lines through the center, making standing straight up, mean standing straight away from the center. Up is out.

Science is a very simple thing, which allows mere mortals as you and I to find the truth. You don’t have to philosophize, guess, or believe in mythologies. You can know the answers for many questions, and prove them repeatable entirely yourself, with no need for liars (be they scientists or preachers, anyone can lie) to be involved. Simply pose a possible answer to your question, determine a way to test the answer and perform the test. That is all science is: A test to determine the truth of a possible answer to a question. I don’t think that a method for finding the truth should be considered evil by anyone.

I think it is very important that humans stop basing our actions on beliefs. Creatures like us that have very powerful tools can do too much damage that way. If you have a gun, and you believe a bad guy is in your house and you shoot, there is a chance of killing your friend. You can not afford to base that action on what you believe, you must absolutely know before you shoot.

If you are the commander in chief of a nation that has incredibly powerful military capabilities, including nuclear weapons, you can not “shoot” based on what you believe. You can do too much damage that way. You need to know.

If a guy like you doesn’t know, then he should not be trying to telling others about science… you can do too much damage that way. And trust me, based on the statements that you make I can KNOW that you do not know.

Naturally, many of these right-wingers are angered by what they call the 'liberal bias' which they see everwhere, such as in Wikipedia. So they create their own:

Conservapedia is just like Wikipedia, except that its 11,000 entries read like they were personally vetted by Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. Fed up with Wikipedia's purported liberal bias, Conservapedia's founder, Andrew Schlafly, son of conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, has created "an encyclopedia you can trust."

And you can trust them, to give you some pretty loopy definitions. Their entry on kangaroos, for instance, says that, "like all modern animals . . . kangaroos are the descendants of the two founding members of the modern kangaroo baramin that were taken aboard Noah's Ark prior to the Great Flood."

You may not recognize the word "baramin." It's a 20th-century creationist neologism that refers to the species God placed on earth during Creation Week. Special for kids: I wouldn't use that word on the biology final. Although maybe your parents could sue the local school board for failing to teach the Book of Genesis in science class.

More on Conserva-kangaroos: "After the Flood, these kangaroos bred from the Ark passengers migrated to Australia. There is debate whether this migration happened over land with lower sea levels during the post-flood ice age, or before the supercontinent of Pangea broke apart, or if they rafted on mats of vegetation torn up by the receding flood waters."

What I would give right now for an image of several kangaroos on a vegetation mat raft paddling all the way from Mt Ararat to Australia.


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