Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Analysts: US strategy on Iran may have backfired:
Elements of Iran's government, painted as a rogue state for its refusal to halt its uranium enrichment program, responded forcefully to the U.S.-led challenge.

It is the US, not Iran, that is a rogue state. Iran has adhered to the NPT, while the US has practiced aggressive war based on lies that would do Hitler proud.

The clang and clatter of military hardware and rhetoric from all sides has trickled into Iran's daily discourse. Ordinary residents say they fear a U.S. attack is imminent and that they are powerless to prevent it. "Will the Americans attack?" is the question on the lips of every Iranian who meets a foreign reporter.

An entirely reasonable and obvious question, which should also be the top item of discussion in world diplomacy and the media. The world must unite to deter the US from any such aggression. It must not happen.

Of course, the Bush/Cheney administration has learnt from the staggering diplomatic defeat of the Iraq war, and will not seek permission from the UN or attempt to persuade the public directly of the 'imminent threat'. If it were to attack, it will simply proceed in contempt and defiance of world legal and popular opinion, with bland lies as required.

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