Wednesday, March 07, 2007

At last, first Howard Minister sacked

AdelaideNow... Burke affair sparks ministry reshuffle: Stepping into action after an inspirational meeting with the toughest lawman in the West, Wyoming's Deadeye Dick Cheney, PM John Howard opened up and.... gunned down one of his own ministers.

Yes that's right. Howard gunned down one of his own ministers. Good job, PM. Do you need some more ammo?

After years of the most tremendous scandals, including 'children overboard', refugees in prisons and concentration camps, children in prisons and concentration camps, Australian citizens in prisons and concentration camps, Iraq war, $300m bribe to Saddam Hussein etc the Opposition had been unable to get a single scalp. But thanks to the PM's deadly blast now they have.

I guess you have to take your scalps anyway you can.

I can see Howard's loyal followers and heirs apparent Abbott, Costello and Turnbull quietly taking a further step backward from the Prime Minister. You wouldn't want another accident now, would you? Or maybe it wasnt an accident, from the 'cleverest politician of his generation.'

And as for Kevin Rudd, I imagine that right now he is trying to arrange meetings with all of the biggest crooks, spivs and lowlifes in the country in an effort to stimulate the PM into further action. In the words of John 'Dubya' Howard's hero, the Great Dubya himself, Bring it On!

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