Thursday, September 29, 2005

Geo-Sequestration Revisited: "The PDF summary report (which is all that's currently available) starts out by describing in detail the currently available processes for carbon capture and storage; the document doesn't address biological sequestration options, as they are largely useful for reduction of existing concentrations, not reduction of new emissions. The three broad families of capture systems -- 'post-combustion,' 'pre-combustion,' and 'oxyfuel' -- are described, and discussions of costs, geographic requirements for storage, and risks (from the environmental to the legal) close out the document.

"The summary report runs a brief 25 pages, and it makes for sobering reading. Under best case scenarios, carbon capture and storage wouldn't make a significant difference in CO2 levels until the mid-point of this century; in addition, the current available sequestration options all pose significant challenges, including the possibility of actually exacerbating the global environmental situation rather than ameliorating it."

Industry demands will probably see interminable talk about geo-sequestration, but (like the nuclear lobby) it is simply a distraction and a diversion. Research, publicity, time and energy spent on these two is not being spent on the real answers - clean, renewable energy.

3 comments: said...

List of better things to do with your life than try to counter global warming:
1. End malaria.
2. Improve availability of clean water and good sanitation in third world.
3. Irrigation projects in third world.
4. End illiteracy in world (particularly third world women).

These things can actually be accomplished. Countering global warming is impossible. Don't waste your life.

Bernard said...

All the goals you mention are very good ones, but also very tough, perhaps every bit as tough as stopping global warming.

All we need to do is reduce emissions by 50-60%. This can be done by developing clean renewable energy and stopping the use of fossil fuels, both of which have to be done anyway, so lets get on with it.

Anonymous said...

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