Tuesday, July 26, 2005

British poll: Bomb blasts 'linked to Iraq war': "The overwhelming majority of the public believe that the London bombings were, at least in part, due to Britain's involvement in the Iraq war, according to a new opinion poll. The YouGov survey for the Daily Mirror and GMTV found that 23% thought the war was the main cause of the attacks, while another 62% thought it was a contributory factor. Only 12% said they thought that it was not a significant cause.

"The Government has consistently rejected the argument that the bombings were the result of the conflict, insisting that extremist Islamic terror attacks began long before the invasion."

85% of the British people do not believe Blair. The position of Blair and his government is ridiculous wriggling. Bush, Blair and Howard are trapped under a lie of their own making - the big lie that Iraq had WMDs, links to terror and was a threat to Western countries. The truth is 9/11 was cynically exploited by Bush to get up a war he wanted anyway, and that the real reason for invading Iraq was to control the region's energy reserves. The world's supply of oil is steadily depleting, expected to last only another 30-40 years, and the war criminals' plan is to seize what is left by force.

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