Thursday, March 10, 2005

John 'Bonkers' Bolton gets job as US Ambassador to UN: "Bolton was extremely hostile to the creation of the International Criminal Court, and Lobe notes that Powell let Bolton sign the formal notification to Kofi Annan that the U.S. was pulling out. According to Lobe, Bolton told The Wall Street Journal that was 'the happiest moment of my government service.' Bolton is particularly ill equipped to be US ambassador to the United Nations because he's on record as saying 'there's no such thing as the United Nations' and that 'it wouldn't make a bit of difference' if the UN building 'lost 10 stories.'"

This is going to go down a treat in diplomatic circles. As if Bush in Europe wasnt embarassing and ridiculous enough, the civilised part of the world is going to have to put up with a certified nutjub 'representing' the United States.

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