Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Latham quits: And this guy could have been our Prime Minister right now? One might have thought he had a serious illness but all he had was a bad haircut. By far the most (the only?) interesting comment he made in his pointless career was that Bush is the most dangerous and incompetent President in recent history... Such is the dearth of leadership a certain amount of hope was placed in this figure. Forget it, kids.

So we're back to the ridiculous gasbag Beazley whose bid is openly based on the notion that he (like Howard) is a boring failure but he could win in the end anyway! Will lightning strike the country twice? God forbid.

Cosgrove has also announced his resignation. What is it with these people? Did he fear losing his pension or benefits or some other penalty or persecution? Why couldnt he have resigned on principle two years ago, before the Iraq war? No serious person could have been unaware that the war was based on a lie and was a serious violation of International law and the country's basic values. In fact in the whole Anglo-saxon political/military system (as far as I am aware) just two persons resigned on principle (Robin Cook & Andrew Wilkie). This is a system that must comprise thousands or hundreds of thousands of bureacrats, politicians, journalists and military officers.

Much scorn and rejection has been heaped over the years on the German defence that "we were only following orders" but it is painfully clear (if it was ever in any doubt) that it will hardly be otherwise.

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