Friday, May 07, 2004

Iraq Prisoner Abuses Widespread, Rights Groups Say: "In some isolated cases the abuse was much worse, they say, with detainees sodomized or sexually assaulted in ways similar to the pictures of abuse that have emerged over the past week.... The U.S. military estimates it has detained around 40,000 Iraqis since taking over the country last year, although most have been released. Around 10,000 remain in custody.... Vriesinga said his organization had taken depositions from Iraqis who said they had been stripped, made to pull their buttocks apart and been kicked in the rectum. In other instances he said female soldiers had detained Iraqis at checkpoints and forced them to expose themselves and simulate fellatio.... Amnesty International has said repeatedly over the past year that U.S. soldiers were abusing detainees, first calling for an investigation last July."

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